A plane’s tyre burst while landing in Hubballi, passengers safe.

A SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Hubli had a tyre burst upon landing at the airport this evening. This led to some panic among passengers but the runway was cleared and all passengers were evacuated safely. The aircraft is currently being inspected by engineers before it can take off again.

The Indigo flight suffered a tyre burst while landing here, airport authorities said on Tuesday. However, all the passengers and crew members were safe.


If you’re looking for flights to Hubballi or are just curious about what happened with this incident, click this article to find out more! We’ll keep you updated with any new developments as they happen so stay tuned!

Airlines are required by law to carry spare tyres onboard their planes for emergencies like these. This is why the aircraft was able to take off again after a replacement had been fitted at the airport.   It also means that there will be no delays or cancellations of flights due to this incident happening – we hope it won’t happen again though!

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An investigation into the incident is now being carried out by the AAIB.

The aircraft had departed London Heathrow for Mumbai, India shortly after 9am GMT on Monday 31st August.

The tyre detached from the wing of the plane at approximately 11:30am BST and came off while it was in mid-air, crashing onto an open field near Biggin Hill Airport.

The UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) has confirmed that a tyre fell off a Bombardier Q400 aircraft operated by UK regional airline Flybe as it approached London’s Biggin Hill airport after taking off from London Heathrow on Monday morning local time. No injuries have been reported following what happened yesterday afternoon.

The passengers were evacuated safely

Engineers are inspecting the aircraft before it can take off again

We recommend you book a taxi to ensure your safety

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A SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Hubli had a tyre burst upon landing at the airport this evening. This led to some panic among passengers but the runway was cleared and all passengers were evacuated safely. The aircraft is currently being inspected by engineers before it can take off again.

8 Water Parks In Hyderabad For Weekend Adventure

The Indian city Hyderabad is home to some wonderful heritage sites. Along with exploring the places to visit in Hyderabad, people also visit the city to savour its world-famous ‘biryani’. But many do not know that this scintillating city also houses some of the best water parks in the country. Hyderabad is dotted with many theme parks, amusement parks, and water parks. From the thrilling slides of Escape waterpark to the wave pool in Jalavihar waterpark, an exciting time awaits you at these fun zones of Hyderabad.


Here are our recommendations for some of the best water parks in Hyderabad that are perfect for a weekend full of adventure:

1. Wonderla Amusement Park

Credited as one of the best amusement/water parks in Hyderabad, Wonderla Amusement Park has many fun rides, exhilarating water slides, and several other activities enough for spending a fantastic time with your close ones. It is one of the biggest water parks in India as it has a total of 43 rides.

Water slides that you should absolutely not miss out at Wonderla Amusement Park are Uphill Racers, Rain Disco, Boomerang, Lazy River, Vertical Fall, Wave Pool, Sea Lagoon, Fun Racers, and much more. Being one of the most famous water parks in Hyderabad, Wonderla welcomes people of all ages.

For you to stay hydrated and charged with energy all day, there are also plenty of food stations present inside the park where you can pause to snack on some unique refreshments.

Location: Nehru Outer Ring Road, Exit No. 13, Ravirala, Hyderabad, Telangana, 501510

2. Jalavihar Waterpark  

Jalavihar Waterpark in Hyderabad is a well-equipped water park where you can spend a gala time with your friends and family. The park consists of two zones, namely the entertainment zone and the party zone. As it is situated in central Hyderabad, one can easily reach it. The waterpark has a wave pool which is also its most alluring feature. The pool can accommodate over a thousand people at one time. Other interesting attractions of the water park include dry rides, kids’ pools, and dedicated spaces for float slides, water sports, and much more.

Jalavihar is famous as a pocket-friendly water park. There is also a gaming zone and a food court at the park. Here, a dress code needs to be followed. Promising a wonderful time altogether, going to the Jalavihar Waterpark in Hyderabad would truly be an outing done right, wouldn’t it be?

Location: 22/9, Necklace Road, Hussain Sagar, Khairatabad, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500063

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3. Escape Waterpark

This waterpark actually does justice to its name because it offers the perfect escape for a fun-filled weekend. The Escape Waterpark in Hyderabad is known to be thronged by youngsters, families, and thrill-seekers. If slides with exciting twists and turns are your jam, you can plan on visiting this water park. It also has play pools for children and colourful rides. And if hunger pangs come calling in between rides, you can head to the refreshment centres here. Considered as one of the most famous water parks of Hyderabad, the Escape Waterpark is a haven for adrenaline-junkies.

Location: House No. 22, 7/125, Fort Grand Road, Rallaguda Road, Near Panchvati Park, Shamshabad, Hyderabad, Telangana, 501218

4. Ocean Park

Ocean Park is a theme park in Hyderabad with two sections – one for amusement games and the other for water sports. Having something in store for every age group, Ocean Park has a wave pool, dry slides, water rides, and much more. One has to wear a swimming costume here. Those who love both adventure and fun should definitely give this place a try!

At the Ocean Park, kids can enjoy some thrilling rides such as Sun Moon, Peacock Train, Free Fall, Pirate Ship, Jumping Frogs, etc. Rides such as Wild Slide, Tube Slide, Wave Slide, Tilting Bucket, etc. are some of the rides which everyone can enjoy.

Another great thing about visiting Ocean Park is that you can eat meals and snacks in the cafes situated on the property. There are also bakeries and ice-cream stalls, providing you with a well-rounded experience.

Location: Shankarpalli Road, Near CBIT College, Kokapet Village, Gandipet, Hyderabad, Telangan

5. Dream Valley Water Park

The weekend demands a break from the hectic schedule and the Dream Valley Water Park serves as the place to do so. The water park has splash pads, water slides, a huge swimming pool, and spray grounds, making it one of the best water parks in Hyderabad. The park is also the perfect fun zone for reunions and corporate outings. All in all, the Dream Valley Water Park is the perfect place to create some unforgettable memories with your near and dear ones.

Location: Bakaram Jagir, Vikarabad Road, Before Chilkur X Roads, Nazeebnagar, Hyderabad

6. Mount Opera Multi Theme Park

Mount Opera is a famous multitheme park in Hyderabad. This park offers many dry rides as well as water sports. When here, do not forget to try Toy Train, Skating Rink, Merry Cups, Merry-Go-Round, Columbus, Slam Bob, Striking Cars, Skating Rink, Sliding Ring, Ferris wheel, Go-Karting, Tele-Combat, and many more. Popular as one of the best water parks in Hyderabad, it also has a wave pool and slides for adults. Facilities such as boating and rain dance are offered along with many indoor games such as billiards, carom, table tennis, and more.

Featuring plenty of water slides of different intensities, refreshment centres located all over the park. So, whenever you plan to visit the city by opting for one of the Hyderabad tour packages, do make sure it brings you here.

Location: Batasingaram, Hyderabad -Vijayawada Highway, RangaReddy, Hyderabad

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7. Leonia Splash

Leonia Splash is one of the most renowned amusement water parks in Hyderabad. It is the ultimate destination to begin your own perfect adventure. Here, one can indulge in water sports and other activities and have the time of their life. There is also a DJ rain dance here, interesting, isn’t it? If you are looking for a place with exciting nightlife in Hyderabad, you can plan on visiting this place.

Leonia Splash is an overall well-equipped and clean property along with an expansive pool, children’s play area, twisting water slides, and a lot more. The water park has an extremely courteous staff. Along with that, the safety of the visitors is also ensured at Leonia Splash.

Location: Bommaraspet, Shameerpet, Ranga Reddy District, Hyderabad

8. Alankrita Waterpark

The Alankrita Waterpark is situated in the Aalankrita Resort which is set in the outskirts of Hyderabad. Family and friends looking to blow off some steam on weekends can definitely consider this waterpark that falls in the list of the top water parks in Hyderabad. Planning a visit to Aalankrita Resort means enjoying the experience that a resort offers combined with rides of the huge water park. The slides, swimming pools, and the rides are waiting to give you all the thrills and the chills when you are here.

All in all, the Alankrita Waterpark, one of the most luxurious water parks in Hyderabad, offers the perfect setting for a ‘weekend well-spent’. You will surely end up having a great time here.

10 Famous South Indian Temples You Should Not Miss

Standing tall and majestic since ancient times, the monuments of South India form a breath-taking sight, telling tales of the past with a unique fervour. Many people tend to opt for a South India tour package so they can enjoy the tranquil environs of the south, laze around on the magnificent beaches, or explore the reaches of the beautiful backwaters. However, that does not mean that you should forget about the famous temples in South India. More than religious destinations, these temples are a shining example of the varied forms of architecture that have been impacted by several historic dynasties over a period of several years.


Many historians consider the South Indian temples to be the finest devotional monuments to be constructed. With carved gopurams, larger than life statues, and the most intricately carved spires, here are the top 10 temples in South India that you should visit at least once: –

1. The Srirangam Temple, Tamil Nadu

The biggest temple in South India, Srirangam is the foremost of the self-manifested shrines (Swayam Vyakta Kshetra) of Lord Vishnu. Also known as the Ranganathaswamy Temple, it is located on an islet that is formed by the rivers Cauvery and Coleroon. Exhibiting a beautiful form of Dravidian architecture, the temple holds a lot of religious significance. Counted as one of the grandest South Indian temples, Srirangam dwells in ethereal surroundings, covered in an illustrious yet serene aura. The temple boasts of a Sapta-Prakaram formation that surrounds the sanctum sanctorum and follows the Thenkalai tradition of Sri Vaishnavism. Covering an area of around 156 acres, this is the biggest temple in South India and also encompasses an entire temple town settlement. Apart from religious importance, the town is also an epigraphical and archaeological site that offers visitors a window into the South Indian culture and society of the early and mid-medieval times.

2. Ramanathaswamy Temple, Tamil Nadu

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple in South India is home to one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in the country. The presiding deity in the temple, which is said to have been worshipped by Lord Rama, is a Lingam of Ramanathaswamy or Shiva. The temple has many spectacles for one to behold. Designed in the Dravidian style of architecture, the temple also houses the longest temple hallway in India which has 4000 pillars. This Shiva temple in South India also houses a statue of Nandi, Lord Shiva’s bull. The statue is 17 feet in height and 12 feet wide, making it one of the biggest manifestations of Nandi. This South Indian mandir was built in the 17th century and since then has garnered wide-spread fame. However, before you visit the temple, you should know that there are strict dress codes that are to be observed, and attire like Bermudas, tight leggings, jeans, and lungis are not allowed.

3. Meenakshi Amman Temple, Tamil Nadu

One of the oldest temples in South India, the Meenakshi Temple is a marvel of medieval architecture in India. It is believed that the original foundation of the temple was laid by Lord Indra in the 1st century. Later, the temple was destroyed by an invader, Malik Kafur, in the 14th century and the present structure that stands was built in the 16th century. This South Indian mandir also hosts the annual Tirukalyanam Festival which takes place over 10 days and sees more than a million visitors during the time. With architectural elements like Meenakshi holding a parrot and the raised leg pose of Nataraja that are more than enough to keep one spellbound, the temple complex also has 14 brilliant gopurams, including two golden gopurams. One of the most famous temples in South India, the Meenakshi Amman Temple is an epicentre of culture and religion and a popular landmark in the southern states of India.

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4. Laxmi Narayani Golden Temple, Tamil Nadu

The Laxmi Narayani Temple is dedicated to the goddess of wealth, Laxmi, and is located in the foothills of the Western Ghats where it sits atop a massive stretch of lush greens. This is one of the South Indian temples with names that showcase what it says. It was built using gold foils and layers which was how it earned its moniker of the Golden Temple in South India. With finely inscribed pillars standing proud and intricate carvings gracing the ceilings, the temple is not just a good place to visit for its ritualistic significance but is a popular tourist attraction as well for the sheer excellence of architecture.

5. Brihadeeswarar Temple, Tamil Nadu

Located in the city of Thanjavur, this is one of the South Indian temples with names in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, which is a mark of the temple being one of the biggest achievements of Chola architects. Built in the Dravidian style of architecture, Brihadeeswarar Temple is one of the Great Living Chola Temples and one of the most visited religious sites in Tamil Nadu. One of the oldest temples in South India, it is a notable fact that the temple casts no shadow on the ground when the sun is at its pinnacle.

Apart from showcasing a splendid architectural design, the temple houses statues of Ashtadikpaalakas, or the Guardians of the directions – Agni, Indra, Nirrti, Kubera, Varuna, Yama, Isana, and Vaayu. Another feature because of which the Brihadeeswarar Temple is counted among the best temples in South India is that it houses a number of pillars that are quite famous for their acoustics. Each of these pillars produces a different musical note when it is tapped.

6. Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Andhra Pradesh

Counted among the most famous temples in South India, the Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple is also known as the Tirupati Temple. The temple is dedicated to Sri Venkateswara who is also known as Balaji, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This is one of those South Indian temples that embody a regal design and showcase the prowess of the Dravidian style of architecture. The inner sanctum houses a 2-metre-high standing idol of Balaji which is flanked on either side by Bhudevi and Sridevi, his consorts. Visit this ancient temple in South India to catch a glimpse of the black crown that adorns the idol of Sri Venkateswara. This crown is a piece of art that is made entirely of pure diamond and is said to be the most precious single ornament in the world.

7. Sabarimala Temple, Kerala

Arguably, this is one of the most famous temples in South India. Situated on a hilltop and surrounded by dense forests and mountains, this temple is dedicated to Lord Ayyappan who is believed to be Lord Vishu’s incarnation. If you are looking for adventure, you can use the traditional forest routes to reach the temple, or you can opt for the one from Pamba which is less gruelling. This ancient temple in South India was recently subject to a lot of publicity due to the fact that earlier, women between the ages of 10 and 50 were not allowed inside the temple. However, after a Supreme Court order in 2018, women have been allowed inside this South Indian temple. With its name steeped in history, Sabarimala is also in keeping with modern times.

The temple is a completely plastic-free zone, which means that devotees and visitors are not allowed to bring plastics to its premises. Also, if you plan to visit Sabarimala, you should know that it is only open during the days of Mandalapooja, Makaravilakku, and Vishu.

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8. Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Kerala

One of the most important South Indian temples, the Padmanabhaswamy Temple holds vast mythological significance in India and the world. The temple is one of the 108 Divya Desams dedicated to the worship of Lord Vishnu. With beautiful murals and paintings adorning the walls of the temple, and intricate carvings marking the structure, the grandeur of the temple is hard to ignore. Established in the 8th century, this is also one of the oldest temples in South India. It is believed that a visit to the temple is enough to purify the hearts and minds of visitors, as though they were new-born infants. Pilgrims also believe that even a single glimpse of the idol of Lord Vishnu, which graces the heart of this South Indian temple, is enough to fulfil any moral desire you have, even if it is hidden within the deepest reaches of your subconscious.

9. Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple, Kerala

Another one among the best temples in South India which you must visit, the Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple is dedicated to the worship of Lord Guruvayurappan, a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. Many devotees also refer to this temple as the Bhulok Vaikanth, which means “the holy residence of Lord Vishnu of Earth”. The idol that graces the sanctum sanctorum has been made using the sacred Patalanjana stone and the deity holds a lotus, mace, conch, and the Sudarshan chakra in its hands. This is one of the more well-known South Indian temples. It is believed that Lord Shiva himself offered to shift a Shiv temple in South India to offer the place to Vayu Deva and the Deva Guru Brihaspati to place the idol of Lord Vishnu at a sacred spot. That is also why you can also find a massive Shiv temple near the Guruvayur temple.

10. Virupaksha Temple, Karnataka

Listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, it is said that this Shiv temple in South India has been functioning uninterruptedly since the 7th century AD. The annual chariot festivals and the marriage festivities of Virupaksha and Pampa, who is his consort at this temple, are the main events the temple celebrates. Karnataka is one of the best places to visit in the summer in South India, and a visit to Hampi, with its numerous monuments and the Virupaksha Temple, makes your trip feel complete. The ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu, Saint Vidaranaya being the spiritual founder of Vijayanagar, and Arjuna shooting the eye of the fish to marry Draupadi are some of the murals that embellish the interiors of this temple, making it quite the attraction to visit even amongst the best South Indian temples.

This list barely brushes the treasure trove of temples that are spread across the entirety of the southern part of India. From the Aihole and Pattadakal built in the 5th century to the Golden Temple in South India, there are a lot of destinations that you can cover to get a peek into the religious and cultural practices of the region. Replete with grandeur and illustrious architectural designs, there is no doubt that the temples of South India are going to leave you in awe.

Best Hill Stations To Visit In Kerala During Summer

Hill stations are generally more popular during summers as they alleviate you from the scorching heat and soothe the traveller in you. Hill stations in Kerala have a lot of peachy examples to back up this observation. The tropical climate in the state keeps the ambience calm and welcoming. You have coffee plantations, seashores, forests, and wildlife which are great add-ons to the tour, making you wish for a neverending holiday.

Hill Stations

If this has convinced you to spend your next vacation in the hill stations of the south, especially Kerala, it is time to research the Kerala tour packages on offer to make your holiday a memorable one!

1. Munnar

Munnar hill station is one of the coolest places to be in Kerala if you are a fan of lush greenery. The coffee plantations and the uneven mountains here call for an unforgettable family holiday. It has a pleasant atmosphere and a calm environment with breathtaking scenery. It can also be a classic experience for the newlyweds. It is located in the southeast state of Kerala, 1600 metres above sea level. Munnar is sprinkled with reservoirs, mountain streams, rocks, wooded valley and wavy grass hills.

You can camp and trek at Echo Point. Munnar is also famous for elephant safaris along with picnics at Lakkham waterfalls. Besides these, mountain Biking at Suryanelli is something you can indulge in if you are the adventurous kind.

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2. Ponmudi

Ponmudi means the golden peak which is situated in the western ghats. This hill station has all the qualities a nature lover would prefer to have in his tour itinerary. There are many popular places to visit here like Golden Valley, Meenmutty Falls, Agasthyakoodam, and more. There are a number of places where you can make memories with your loved ones.

Ponmudi hill station has a thick layer of lush green carpet that reaches down the foot of the hill range. Never will you find such unrestricted peacefulness which contributes to the unique experience in Ponmudi. As far as travelling here is concerned, one can take their own vehicle or take a KSRTC bus from Tampanoor Bus Stand, Trivandrum starting from 5:30 am which will again take you to the top near the viewpoint. There are very few restaurants here including a KTDC cafe and restaurant. However, the best time to visit Ponmundi hill station is during the winter season because it is at this time that the mist covers the landscape, making it look magical.

Ponmundi also stands witness to an exotic boat race that attracts several tourists. Catch the grand sight of snake boats racing together while traditional songs are being played in the background. Owing to the diversity of attractions and things to do here, this hill station also serves as one of the best honeymoon places in Kerala.

3. Kottapara

Kottapara is also known as the mini Meesapulimala. Just look under your feet to find yourself floating in the dense fog. This hill station in Kerala is best visited during the rainy season especially before 7 am so as to experience the mindblowing view. It is situated in the Idukki district of Kerala, 3 km from Vannapuram town. If you are looking for a solo drive, Kottapara hill station will definitely live up to your expectations. You can go here while on a day trip and also visit nearby tourist places like Thommankuth, Anachadikuth, Kattadikadav, Meenuliyanpara that are located within a 10 km radius of Kottapara.

4. Vagamon

Vagamon hill station is surrounded by three peculiar hills – Thangal, Murugan and Kurisumala hills, each of which is famous for trekking, paragliding, mountaineering and rock climbing. To be precise, it is situated in Peerumadetaluk of Idukki district 1100 metres above sea level. The best places to visit when in Vagamon are the meadows, Pine Valley, and many others. If you are planning a two-day trip, it is advisable to book a resort beforehand. This will make your vacation comfortable and save you time. The place offers cool and fresh environs to kick back and relax. The barren hills are a must-visit when in Vagamon as this site provides a mystical view of the surrounding area.

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5. Wayanad

Ever spotted wild elephants? Keep your lenses ready to witness the gripping view of the elephants when in Wayanad. This hill station is situated at the northeast tip of Kerala, 700 metres above sea level. The dense vegetation, calm surroundings and mist-capped hills bestow an unforgettable experience to the visitors. Its plantations of tea and spices, pristine waterfalls, gorgeous lakes, exotic wildlife and age-old caves make it one of the most celebrated hill stations in Kerala.

The top tourist attraction in Wayanad hill station in Kerala is the Thirunelli temple which is a great architectural masterpiece that is believed to have been constructed over 3000 years ago. If you are also inquisitive about age-old civilisations, then the Edakka caves is a must-visit place that has writings on its walls and stone carvings that will take you back to the centuries gone by.

6. Idukki

Idukki hill station in Kerala is one of the most enthralling places to visit in the state. Let your happiness get multiplied amidst the forest covers and rocky terrains. There are manmade amazements here like the Idukki dam that generates hydroelectricity. The hill station also houses a plethora of wildlife as exhibited in the wildlife sanctuary by the same name.

After you do that, it is time to get immersed in the scents and fragrances of the spices and allow them to leave a lasting impression on the minds, haunting and compelling to travel Idukki time and again.

Shri Krishna Temple, Ndukani, Mangala Devi Temple Annamala Nathar Temple are the places to be visited for sure if you are planning to explore the hill station of Idukki in Kerala.

Best Places To Visit Near Bangalore Within 100 Kms

Whether you live there or are visiting or are taking a vacation, the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, is a city with a lot to offer. There are many places to visit in Bangalore that you can explore, but for those long weekends or for when you simply need a short break from regular life, a nearby getaway can help you recharge your batteries.Bangalore

Here is a list of the top places to visit near Bangalore within 100 kms that you can plan a short trip to:

1. Wonderla

The Wonderla Amusement Park in Bangalore needs no introduction. A popular amusement park located about 28 kms away from the heart of Bangalore city, Wonderla offers a plethora of experiences to visitors. From exhilarating rides and VR experiences for that adrenaline rush to an amazing water park for a lazy weekend, you can have a great time at Wonderla. And if you just can’t get enough of the fun the amusement park has to offer, you can book a stay at the Wonderla luxury resort, which has luxurious rooms, a resto-bar, a fine dining restaurant, a heated pool, and a recreation area.

Distance from Bangalore: 28 kms

2. Bannerghatta National Park

If you’re looking for places to visit in Bangalore within 100 kms from the main city, look no further than the Bannerghatta National Park. Covering an area of over 25,000 acres, this wildlife park is one of the top tourist attractions in Bangalore. The Park consists of a zoo, aquarium, children’s park, museum, butterfly park, and snake park, apart from the main nature reserve. At Bannerghatta, you can go on a safari to spot lions, Bengal tigers, white tigers, etc., enjoy an elephant safari, trek, and stargaze amidst nature. You can also stay at the nature camp in the park, where you can choose from a dormitory, wooden cottages, log huts, or tents in the middle of the lush forests.

Distance from Bangalore: 35 kms

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3. Manchanabele

One of the best places near Bangalore within 100 kms, Manchanebele is a nature camp that offers the perfect getaway near Bangalore. A perfect contrast to the hustle and bustle of the busy streets of India’s Silicon Valley, Manchanebele is surrounded by the breath-taking beauty of nature yet is replete with all the amenities you may need for a comfortable stay. One of the popular tourist places near Bangalore within 100 kms, Manchanebele offers adventure and team building activities for visitors to partake in. You can go for a relaxing walk, watch the numerous birds that inhabit the area, or try your hand at activities like rope walking, ziplining, or rappelling that are offered at the camp.

Distance from Bangalore:  42 kms

4. Savandurga

Another one of the places near Bangalore within 100 kms that offer a soiree with nature, Savandurga is a place where lush greenery can be experienced in all its glory. Rising to a height of 1226 metres above sea level, Savandurga is the largest monolithic hill in Asia. Here, you can witness a variety of rock formations like granites, laterites, peninsular gneiss, and basic dykes, which can not only enthral a budding geologist but form quite a sight.

You can also enjoy activities like high rope traversing, rappelling, caving, or kayaking on the Arkavathi River. Follow the steps that will lead you to the top of the hill through a cover of tall trees and bamboo clumps for a mesmerising view.

Distance from Bangalore:  55 kms

5. Ramanagara

With numerous outdoor activities for visitors, Ramanagara is, without a doubt, one of the best places to visit near Bangalore within 100 kms. There are quite a few trekking trails in the region that are quite the draw for visitors. Ramanagar has a rugged and barren landscape with rocky outcrops of granite that are a great experience for rock climbers. While Ramanagar is popular for adventurous camping experiences, it enjoys greater fame as being the site where the movie Sholay was shot.

Distance from Bangalore: 54 kms

6. Makalidurga

If you are looking for places to visit near Bangalore within 100 kms that can offer you a challenge, you should consider the Makalidurga trek. The base of this trek is a railway station. While the Muthurayaswamy temple is the actual point from where the trek starts, the 2-kilometre walk from the railway station to the temple is quite thrilling as well.

You can plan a one-day trip from Bangalore within 100 kms to a number of places, the Makalidurga trek is a tough trail, meant for trekkers who are looking for a challenge. The trek ends at the Makalidurga Hill Fort, perched at a height of 1350 metres above sea level. The hill is covered with lemongrass and date palms and offers a panoramic view from the top that you simply cannot miss.

Distance from Bangalore: 57 kms

7. Nandi Hills

The best one-day trip from Bangalore within 100 kms has to be a visit to Nandi Hills or Nandidurga. A Shiva temple at the foot of Nandi Hills is home to a sculpture of Nandi, the mount of Lord Shiva. The sculpture is believed to be over 1000 years old. While the sheer beauty of the place and the views you can get from the top are enough to attract visitors from all over, Nandi Hills are also the source of the Palar, Pennar, and Arkvati Rivers and are home to the summer palace of Tipu Sultan. During his reign, Tipu Sultan used to order his prisoners to be thrown off from a 600 ft. high cliff at his palace on Nandi Hills. The spot is today known as Tipu’s Drop and quite a crowd-puller here.

Distance from Bangalore: 61 kms

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8. Skandagiri

Among the best tourist places near Bangalore within 100 kms and perfect for a weekend away, Skandagiri is a beautiful hill town that is famous for sightseeing and trekking. A moderate to difficult trek will bring you to the top, where natural beauty abounds, and you can camp for a night under the stars. A unique fact about this trekking spot is that you can also visit it during the night. In fact, trekking up the trail under the gaze of the full moon is quite a popular activity among trekkers, offering a completely unique experience.

Distance from Bangalore: 62 kms

9. Kanakapura

One of the places around Bangalore within 100kms offering adventure sports, Kanakapura sits amidst breath-taking picturesque surroundings of trees with a varied bird life inhabiting the Bananthimari forest. The Hosadoddi Lake is a calm lake in Kanakapura where you can indulge in water sports or just relax.

Distance from Bangalore: 62 kms

10. Anthargange

One of the well-known places to visit near Bangalore within 100 kms, Anthargange is a scenic paradise with amazing sunrises. You can go camping or birding, explore caves or trek to the top of the hill for some enchanting views. Night trekking, stargazing, and relaxed nights by the bonfire are some of the things you can enjoy at Anthargange.

Distance from Bangalore: 70 kms


Whether you’re looking for a Bangalore tour package to visit the city or a package for a weekend away from the city, with numerous weekend getaways from Bangalore within 100 kms, there is no dearth of options offering a respite from everyday life.

Best Waterfalls On The Way To Munnar From Kochi

The land of backwaters, pristine beaches, lovely hill stations, coconuts, tea plantations, paddy fields, dense jungles, spectacularly diverse flora and fauna, the picturesque state of Kerala is such a sought-after paradise for holidaymakers. It is one of the gorgeous tourist destinations you would have ever gaze upon. As Kerala forms a part of the majestic Western Ghats, it is wealthy with abundant biodiversity. The heritage sites of Kerala are the evidence of its glorious past, also the colourful and vibrant art forms of the state are a wonderful treat. Kerala can be visited throughout the year because of its pleasant and equable climate which forms its major attracting feature.

Munnar, a spellbinding hill station of Kerala, exudes a unique charm that hypnotizes her visitors and is often regarded as identical to Kashmir and Switzerland. Munnar is so scenic and so is the road trip to Munnar from Kochi. It is one of the most beautiful and delightful road trips in Kerala. Munnar is situated 140 Km away from Kochi and it will take approximately 4 hours to reach there from Kochi via road. Muvattupuzha, Kothamangalam, Neriamangalam, and Adimali are the main stops in between Kochi and Munnar. The view of breathtaking waterfalls while enroute to Munnar is just enough to make you energized during your long journey. You can also spend some time near the waterfalls, take rest or bath in its fresh natural cascades and feel chilled and refreshed. The two scenic waterfalls that await you on your way to Munnar are Cheeyapara Waterfalls and Valara Waterfalls.

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Let’s take a quick look at these beautiful Waterfalls:


Cascading down in seven steps from over 1000 feet above the sea level amidst luscious green surroundings, the Cheeyapara Waterfalls is a fabulous roadside spectacle on the Cochin – Munnar highway. Though the road is smooth, it is quite narrow with full of twists and turns which passes through a natural forest offering a soothing ambience. This scenic waterfall is located between Adimali and Neriamangalam. About two acres of evergreen forest surrounds the Cheeyapara Waterfalls which inhabits several rare species of plants and animals and hence enjoy the status of an eco-tourism spot. It is also recognized as an ideal spot for adventure activities like mountaineering, trekking and nature walk. The splendour of the Cheeyapara Waterfalls can be witnessed even during the summer season.


The Valara Waterfalls is yet another natural spectacle you can admire at on your drive to Munnar from Kochi. Compared to Cheeyappara Waterfalls, the Valara Waterfall is small. But it is as gorgeous and breathtaking as the Cheeyappara Waterfalls. One can catch the sight of this beautiful waterfalls right from the roadside. The place surrounding the Valara Waterfalls is bountiful with dense forest cover, lush green trees and a wide variety of animals and birds. The entire place offers a plethora of visual treat with the foamy white downpour of the Valara Waterfalls and its picturesque surroundings.

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Getting There:

By Air:

Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport to Munnar which is situated at a distance of 107 Km. On arrival at the airport, one can hire a cab or board the state transport bus to reach Munnar.

By Rail:

Ernakulam and Aluva Railway Stations are the nearest railway stations to Munnar which are well-linked to major cities of the country like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Mangalore, Bangalore, Thiruvananthapuram, etc. On arrival at the railway station, one can hire a cab or board the state transport bus to reach Munnar.

By Road:

Many state transport buses, and private buses run to and from various towns and cities in Kerala and Tamil Nadu to Munnar.

Don’t forget to visit Lakkam Waterfalls, Attukal Waterfalls, Nyayamakad Waterfalls, Chinnakanal Waterfalls, Thoovanam Waterfalls, and Kuthumkal Waterfalls when you reach Munnar.

Wipeout all worries from mind regarding where to stay in Munnar. When it comes to accommodation, Munnar has numerous hotels, cottages, homestays and treehouses that offers cozy and secure sojourn. For your comfortable stay, you can choose from budget type, economy, standard, deluxe to the luxury type of accommodation.

Things You Shouldn’t Forget To Shop When Travelling In Kerala

Having a wealth of rich culture and heritage that spans thousands of years, Kerala is an extraordinarily beautiful place situated on the tropical Malabar Coast of India, that can appeal to any type of excursionists. With an assortment of pleasure, adventure, feast and shopping varieties, Kerala is no doubt an ultimate tourist destination that feels close to home and gives you a sense of belonging. When it comes to shopping, you can shop your heart out as there are plenty to shop for in Kerala.


While enjoying the pleasure of shopping in Kerala, you shouldn’t forget to shop the following things:

Aranmula Kannadi (Mirror):

Aranmula Kannadi is such a rare and exceptional piece of souvenir you can take back home from Kerala. Aranmula village in Kerala is the birthplace of this special mirror. It is not made of glass but from a metallic alloy and making of it is a very complicated process. The secret behind this metallic mirror is not yet disclosed to the world and is known only to a particular family in Aranmula. And it is believed that luck, fortune and prosperity favour those who possess it. Better buy it from the family workshop at Aranmula itself.


Where else on earth can you buy fresh spices other than from the ‘land of spices’, Kerala. You can find here a large variety of spices that are of good quality with a refreshing aroma like cardamom, black pepper, turmeric, cloves, star anise, cinnamon, dried ginger, etc. Fort Kochi, Munnar, Thekkady, Kumily, and Periyar are the best places in Kerala to shop for fresh spices.

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Tea & Coffee:

Flaunting its mesmerizing beauty, the rolling tea and coffee plantations are a valuable asset of Kerala. The pleasing aroma of the fresh tea and coffee will automatically soothe your senses.

Nothing can beat Kerala in its quality of tea and coffee that are lavish in taste, aroma and colour. So, don’t forget to buy them while exploring Kerala. Tata Tea Museum in Munnar is one of the best places for shopping tea and coffee in Kerala. Here you get a chance to feast your eyes on the various stages of tea processing as well as tickle your tongue with the exotic flavors of tea from all across the world. You can also purchase the best of tea and coffee from Vagamon, Wayanad and Kolukkumalai hill stations in Kerala.

Cashew Nuts:

Kerala’s very own Kollam district takes the privilege of being the ‘land of cashews’. It is a pleasure buying cashews from its homeland, more than that the place offers fresh and the best quality cashews. Before purchasing, taste them and it’s all up to you to choose from the varieties like fried cashews, roasted, salted, sweetened or even plain cashews. You can get cashew nuts from almost everywhere in Kerala.


A variety of chips are there for you to shop in Kerala like Banana Chips, Jackfruit Chips, Tapioca Chips, and the list goes on. Locally known as Upperi, these are famous snacks of Kerala that has a lot of fans all across the world. They are crispy and crunchy and are made with raw banana, raw jackfruit and raw tapioca that are deep-fried in hot coconut oil. Just give it a try, tasting Kerala chips, and you will end up loving it for sure. And don’t forget to shop some for your families and friends. The Banana chips coated with Jaggery, known as Sharkara Varatti is a must-try. You can find chips all over Kerala and also you can watch it live, the preparation of chips in some of the shops in Kerala.

Kasavu Mundu & Kasavu Saree:

Kasavu Mundu for men and Kasavu Saree for women are the classic ethnic wear of Kerala. These are pure cotton fabrics with golden and copper zari borders and are typically handmade. It also comes with various designs and colourful borders as the fashion trend changes. You can see people wearing Kasavu Mundu and Kasavu Saree during traditional ceremonies, temple visits and wedding. These Handlooms are worth an item to purchase from Kerala. Government-authorized Kerala Tourism outlets, as well as many local and branded stores, are there for you to shop for typical Kerala handlooms. In some shops, you can get a glimpse of the weaving of these handlooms.

Nettur Casket (Old Jewellery Box):

Nettur Casket is the ethnic jewellery box of Kerala. This handcrafted box is made of wood, especially of rosewood and the top looks like a pyramid. Nettur Casket is reddish-brown in colour and is adorned with beautiful brass work that reflects temple style. Originally designed in the Nettur region of Thalassery in Kannur district of Kerala, the Nettur Casket was used in ancient times to store ornaments and jewellery, but now it is used as a marvelous decorative piece, that beautifies the interiors of houses, heritage hotels, etc. It is also a nice item to take back home from Kerala and you can get them from handicraft stores.

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Handicrafts and Wooden Showpieces:

The creativity and skillfulness of the people of Kerala are noteworthy and is clearly visible from each and every handicraft they have made. Coconut shells, coconut husks, palm leaves, ivory, seashells, wood, mud, stones, canes, etc form their basic material to bring into being some of the most stunning showpieces and handcraft materials in the world. You can buy Coir mats, wall hangings, articles made of coconut shells, elephant figurines made of wood, etc from Kerala. Kathakali Mask, wooden models of Snake boat and houseboats, and Nettipattam (a decorative ornament worn on the forehead of the elephant and is a beautiful home decor item that can be used as a wall hanging) are some exceptional pieces of articles you can shop only from Kerala. Never miss the opportunity to buy them on your trip.


Nilavilaku is the traditional oil lamp used in Kerala. They are available in different sizes and are made of brass or bronze. Nilavilaku is usually used in religious ceremonies and lighting it on special occasions is considered auspicious. They can be used as a traditional home decor also. You won’t find any difficulty in finding shops that sells Nilavilakku in Kerala, so don’t forget to shop one to take home.

Mural Paintings:

The Mural Paintings of Kerala are just matchless in its beauty and are a treat to the eyes of people who appreciate art. If you love paintings and art, get one for yourself to decorate the walls of your house with fabulous Kerala murals. You can purchase them from handicraft shops, or you can directly order them from noted mural art creators.

Here is a Blissful List of top Places to Visit in Vagamon

The gorgeous landscape of Vagamon in God’s own country, Kerala is every summer’s call which compels us to cede our soul in its blissful rhythm of evergreen. It is one of the best places to see in Kerala. Located in Kottayam, Idukki border of Kerala, Vagamon’s vibe is magical. Tourists will find their heart in its gentle breezes cool touch, enchanting pine forests, rugged terrains, beautiful grasslands, velvety meadows, misty hills, breathtaking cascading waterfalls and lush greenery.


Tourists in large numbers flock to the quaint hill station of Vagamon to escape from the sultry weather of plains. Which makes summer a best time to visit in Vagamon. Vagamon is also a bird watcher’s paradise.  Birds like Malabar grey hornbill, spotted dove, hill mynah etc. will gaze you with a welcoming smile. Vagamon is decked with rich flora and fauna.  200 varieties of plants, rare orchids, emerald green tea plantations and animals like porcupine, hares, and teddy cats etc. falling upon the beautiful solitary streets of Vagamon only to overtake your heart with bliss.

Vagamon Pine Forest – Get some Green’s cooling touch

Vagamon pine forest is a place where nature in its true sense will penetrate in your skin. It is one of the most highlighted destinations in the Vagamon itinerary.  Created during the British period, Vagamon Pine forest will be etched into your soul forever and your memories of this enchanting place will shine bright even after you have left its shores. This scenic Pine forest looks more enchanting when the surreal dusking skies falls upon its serene beauty. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vagamon.

Vagamon Lake – Tranquil charm

Vagamon Lake is one of the most beautiful sights to behold in Vagamon. Amidst the beautiful green hills and emerald green tea estates, the picturesque views and tranquil waters of this blissful lake will overtake you as lightning fills the sky.

It is a great picnic spot to enjoy with family and friends. Gentle breeze will soothe your soul and its verdant greenery will be a blissful sight of heaven. Vagamon Lake offers some exciting water activities to the tourists like boating and rowing. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Vagamon.

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Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary- Bliss in peace

Pristine wilderness, scenic views and tranquil bliss makes Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary one of the most popular points of tourist interests in Vagamon. It is an ideal landscape to listen to the melodious rhythm of nature away from the hustle and bustle of cities. It houses many animals including elephants and tigers.

This blissful piece of serenity is surrounded by rugged mountains and a lake in which boating is the best thing to do. There is a kiss of romance in its air which makes Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary an ideal romantic getaway in Vagamon.

Marmala Waterfall – Hidden in the enchanted wilderness

Disappeared into the folds of time, Marmala waterfall was once an unspoiled spot but its picturesque views, tranquil vibes and lush greenery makes this beautiful waterfall one of the top tourist destinations to visit near Vagamon. It is located in Erattupetta in Kottayam district.

This blissful waterfall is a part of a private estate. Hidden inside the pristine wilderness, Marmala Waterfalls is popularly known as ‘Enchantress of the jungle’. The cascading waterfalls of Marmala falls to join the blissful Teekoy River.

The sight of Marmala waterfalls is an absolute bliss as it is surrounded by timber trees, majestic mountains and thick bushes. The rough terrains of the surrounding path provide thrilling vibes. It is the best place to enjoy trekking in Kerala.

Thangal Para – Bliss dipped in serenity and spirituality

Thangal Para is a bliss of Vagamon tourism. The big spherical rock and a tomb of a Sufi saint Sheikh Faraduddin has a spiritual significance for the Islamic devotees. It is believed that Sheikh Faraduddin an afghan Sufi saint took his last breath here. The rock near the dargah is a place where the saint used to grind his Paan. Every year thousands of devotees visit this place to get the holy blessings of this divine Sufi saint.

Apart from the serene drops of spirituality, this place offers mesmerizing sights of picturesque hills, lush grasslands, beautiful meadows and enchanting forests. The blissful views of Kurisindi Peak and Murugan Mala will blow your heart away.

There is an ancient cave near Thangal Para which involves the thrilling adventure of trekking. Thangal Para is dipped in serenity which makes this place an ideal getaway for nature lovers and solace seekers.

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Mundakayam Ghat- Soul soothing vibes with the thrill of adventure

8 km away from the beautiful hill station of Vagamon lies the blissful seat of heaven in the name of Mundakayam Ghat. It is one of the most sought after places to visit near Vagamon.

Mundakayam Ghat is blessed with the mesmerizing views of sunrises and sunsets, sweet chirping of exotic birds, song filled mornings and fairytale-like sceneries. Its soul soothing views are enough to please a toil- weary soul.  Serene and peaceful vibes of Mundakayam Ghat is a thing of beauty and joy forever.

Mundakayam Ghat is an ideal getaway for nature lovers and solace seekers. The picturesque landscapes of Mundakayam Ghat is enough to awaken the poet in you. This place is one of the most favorite spots for adventure seekers in Vagamon.

Paragliding is the best thing to do in Mundakayam Ghat in Vagamon. There is a separate festival dedicated to paragliding, organized by Adventure sports and sustainable tourism academy in Mundakayam Ghat.

Vagamon Meadows – Keeper of solace

Vagamon’s climate is the most pleasing thing to visit Vagamon in Kerala. Every destination of Vagamon is a blissful sight to behold. Vagamon meadows is a fairy tale-like destination in Vagamon. It is one of the must visit places in Vagamon. It’s cool weather, lush green tea plantations, varieties of flowers and picturesque hills of Vagamon will soothe your soul and seduce your senses.

It is one of the best picnic spots in Vagamon for family vacation. In Vagamon meadows you will get the blissful views of nature. Nature which is so lush and green, calm and full of vibrant colors.

Every mile of Vagamon meadows reveals bliss. Birds fly high in the sky, trees flutter and dance in the wind and hills will gaze at you blissfully. The aura of Vagamon meadows is divinely fascinating. For solace seekers and nature lovers Vagamon meadows is a tranquil paradise.

What Are The Good Things Happened By Coronavirus?

Good things happened by Coronavirus?? Sounds crazy…right? COVID-19 or Coronavirus Disease has brought a halt in the regular life of people, destroying lives and livelihood. The entire world is under lockdown; schools, universities, offices, and entertainment centres have closed down; public gatherings banned; sports, games and other activities canceled; tourist spots and beaches are empty, panic and tensions all around.


And how can all this be a good thing? Of course, they are not. But still, the monstrous Coronavirus has a silver lining as there are so many good things happening around the world even at this time of misery.

The Coronavirus Silver Lining!

Nature Reclaiming Its Space:

Ever since the world was put under lockdown and humans began retreating from the public places to avoid the spread of the coronavirus outbreak, nature has begun reclaiming its space. The trees are greener, the sky is clearer, birds chirping, butterflies flying, and animals roaming freely around the empty streets. It seems nature hits the reset button and our Mother Earth is using this opportunity to heal herself.

Air Pollution Reduced:

One of the major environmental issues the world faces today is air pollution. Surprisingly, as most of the people are at home with their families, there is fewer vehicles on road, fewer factories, fewer airplanes, no dust, and no mining, thus the air pollution is drastically reduced, indicating the pandemic has a good effect to the environment. Around 90 cities in India have recorded minimal air pollution during the last few days of lockdown, due to the dramatic drop in Nitrogen Dioxide levels.

A glimpse of Delhi before and after lockdown. Especially, the national capital, Delhi which hasn’t seen blue sky and pure air for the past years is now breathing the cleanest air. Similar drastic falls in pollution levels were seen in other countries like Europe and China since their lockdowns.

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Water Quality Improving:

The lockdown has helped in clearing the water bodies as well. For example, the Venice canal which is normally polluted by Gondolas now has clear waters. Dolphins have returned to the coast of Italy and swans spotted in the city’s canals. It shows our Mother Nature is thriving since the lockdown starts.

The Coronavirus lockdown significantly improves the water quality of the River Ganga, since all the factories are closed. Also, River Yamuna and River Brahmaputra water quality have improved in such a way that the water looks clear and is gradually turning blue. It shows our Mother Nature is thriving since the lockdown starts.

Relationship Strengthening:

This monstrous pandemic not only has a good effect on our environment but also gives us an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with our family and loved ones. Now, we are all in family lockdown, the communication between family members has increased, long conversations and indoor games have taken over phones. Moreover, it made us realize that more than money, wealth and job it’s our family and loved ones that matter the most.

Cleaner Hands and Personal Hygiene:

People have become more aware of their health and immunity now.

The Coronavirus outbreak has taught people the importance of washing hands with soap and water or sanitizers, as well as the etiquette of coughing, sneezing, and social distancing. People also have learned respiratory hygiene as many are wearing masks that not only helps in combating COVID-19 but other airborne diseases like TB etc.

No Robbery, No Crime and No Murders:

With the coronavirus outbreak, the number of crimes, robbery and murders also seems to reduce. Yes, our society too is benefiting from the lockdown.

Indirectly, we are all in a mission to tackle the spread of Coronavirus pandemic, staying at homes. It is quite natural that we feel bored and lifeless, even a bit unhappy being confined to the indoors. But guys, it is the time for us to stay positive and proactive to create small moments of happiness despite this depressing situation. Also remember, there’s never been a better time to stay at home like this, so spend it wisely.

How to spend these lockdown days healthy and positive?

More Family Time:

So many of us complain about not having enough time to spend time with family due to our busy life. Now we have all this time handed to us on a plate to savour the lovely moments with our family. Spend quality time with your loved ones, have long conversations, play with your kids and have fun.

Try Out Virtual Tour & Plan For Your Future Trip:

Craving to travel but can’t leave home? Neither lockdown nor social-distancing can’t stop you from exploring when you can try virtual tours from the comfort of your own home. Google offers virtual tours of international natural monuments, sea tours, street art tours and many more to quench your thirst for exploring during these lockdown days. Also, look for some offbeat destinations for your future trip.

Exercise Enough:

Our body needs enough exercise to stay healthy and fit. No matter you are staying indoors, you can try a lot of simple exercises like plank, sit-ups, push-ups, walking up and down the stairs in your home, short walks or jogs inside your house premise, and many more.

Eat Healthy:

A healthy diet is not only important for physical health but our psychological well-being too. Include a lot of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, cereals and spices in your diet and drink lots of water.

Sleep Well:

It is important to sustain a regular sleep routine; six to nine hours sleep at night is sufficient. Lack of sleep can negatively affect our psychological well-being concentration and our emotional intelligence as well as increase our risk of developing chronic health conditions, like diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Practice Yoga & Meditation:

Practicing yoga and Meditation is one of the best ways to reduce stress and anxiety, thus making us feel good and stay positive.

Cook A New Recipe:

If you love cooking, it is a wonderful time to cook new recipes and serve your family.

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Listen To Your Favourite Music / Read Your Favourite Books:

Spend your quarantine days listening to your favourite music or reading your favourite books you’ve been craving to read for a long time but skipped due to your busy work schedules.

Bring Out The Hidden Talents In You:

Make use of this time to bring out the hidden talents in you that will keep you entertained during these lockdown days. Try learning some creative skills like paper crafts, jewellery making, cooking, etc.

Brush Up your Photography Skills:

If you love photography, this is one of the best times to brush up your photography skills at home when you have ample time in your hands. You’ll find a lot of fascinating things at home to capture in your camera and create a great photograph with your signature touch. So, get your Instagram ready to showcase your photography skills to the world.

Make Your Own Vegetable Garden At Home:

A must-to-do activity during your lockdown days is to make your own vegetable garden at home. It not only keeps you engaged during these days but also provides you with fresh and poison-less vegetables.

Care For The Elderly, Poor & Needy:

As we care for ourselves and our family, we must care for the elderly, poor and needy and make sure they don’t miss out on essentials like food and medicine.

Mother Nature is healing! – the biggest impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. Let, this be a learning lesson for all of us, the lesson of co-existence that nature is not only for humans but for every living being. Hopefully, a wake-up call for all of us to take care of our Mother Earth.

Top Popular Religious Places to Visit in Kerala

Besides its famous backwaters, rice paddy fields, coconut grooves, elegant houseboats and figure licking cuisines, Kerala is home to some of the vibrant spiritual places. Kerala has a remarkable collection of historic and contemporary architecture that draws inspiration from a variety of religious dominations. Considered to be the heavenly domain of God, Kerala is evidently home to the most beautiful churches, temples, mosques and Gurudwaras. God is everywhere in Kerala!


Spiritual Kerala, rich in holy places, traditions and rituals, offers much to explore and soak up for those seeking knowledge and awareness. More than just being a beautiful place, however, Kerala is a spiritual center. Kerala is a surprisingly relaxed state that offers plenty in terms of spiritual enlightenment.

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Interesting Facts

  • According to a report published recently, Padmanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram is the richest temple in India. Treasures worth $20bn have been hidden inside the temple for hundreds of years. Six vaults piled-up with gold and jewels belonging to the royal family of Travancore have been discovered in the temple.
  • Janardhana Swamy Temple in Varkala, sacred to Lord Krishna, is believed to be 2000 years old.
  • St. Francis church in Kochi is the oldest European Church in India. It was built by the Portuguese. The body of Vaco de Gama was also buried here in 1524 before it was taken to Portugal.
  • There is only one Sikh Gurudwara in Kerala i.e. Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha in Kochin.
  • India’s biggest mosque, Mubarak Masjid, is slated to come up in Kerala. It is likely to have an area of 2, 50,000 square feet and can accommodate 30,000 worshippers at a time.

Hindu Temples in Kerala

Defying long drawn-out wars and the ruthless passage of time, the remarkable architectures of the temples of Kerala remain in their remarkable shape. Here temples are part of a 2000-year history, but still today first glimpses inside the ancient temples can leave anyone speechless. A spiritual tour to Kerala will take tourist to all the eleven Divya Desams and will bring them closer to tranquillity. The traditional architecture and craftsmanship of the temples in Kerala is commendable and hence attract a large number of visitors.

Kerala is home to the richest shrine in India, Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple. The structure of the temple is a true amalgamation of Kerala and Dravidian style of architecture. Kerala has much to offer in terms of its hoary temple traditions. Kerala provides a pure and serene atmosphere where devotees can chant prayers, invoke the deities and participate in temple festivals.

Churches In Kerala

When it comes to antiquity, every nook and corner of Kerala have a timeless past. As a colonial-era state, Kerala has several historical churches. Tourists can attend Sunday services at oldest of these, the St. Francis Church. It was the first European church in India built way back in 1503. The Portuguese certainly left their mark on this part of India, with the grand St Francis Church. Built in 1503, it is believed to be the oldest European church in India.

Churches in Kerala are all about huge alleys, Gothic architecture and collective sound of ringing bells and chirping birds. St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Catholic Church in Ernakukulam district has been counted amongst the world heritage churches by Vatican City. The Church is said to have miraculous powers and is believed to save her devotees several times from violent storms. Built in a traditional Gothic style, the cathedral will stun the tourist with ornate Italian architecture and beauty. The serenity here is a refreshing respite from the ever honking and bustling of city life.

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Gurudwara In Kerala

In Kerala, Kochi has the maximum number of Sikhs. Hence, this is the only place in Kerala where a Gurudwara is situated. Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha in Peumannor is quite close to Thevara, hardly three kilometres away from the heart of Kochi City. Established in the year 1955, the Gurudwara is architecturally a blend of Hindu and Muslim styles. Anybody can walk into a Gurudwara, irrespective of their caste, colour and financial status, barefoot and head covered.

There is a big eating hall in the Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha where many pilgrims come to eat after paying a visit to the main shrine. There is neither an idol nor a priest in the Gurudwara. Here Sikhs worship Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the holy text installed on a platform, which they consider as the visual form of the ten Sikh Gurus. Sikh pilgrims flock here at all hours, and devotional songs waft over the compound, adding to the contemplative mood.

Mosques In Kerala

Mosques are mostly found in the Northern part of Kerala. Cheraman Juma Masjid is the oldest mosque in Kerala. Located 2 km from Kodungalloor town, this mosque resembles a Hindu temple in appearance. Built in AD 629, this is the first mosque in India and the second in the world where Juma prayers were started. Madayi Mosque is yet another ancient mosque in Kerala. The mosque at Madayi, about 25 km from Kannur, is believed to have been constructed by one of the followers of Malik Ibn Dinar. The white marble used in this mosque is believed to have been brought from Mecca.

From vast, unique, crowded temple complexes to small churches, the shines of Kerala offer a fascinating experience of a rich and thriving culture. Immerse yourself in India’s religious heritage and humanitarian culture on a spiritual tour to Kerala.